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Please ensure that you refer to our Covid-19 Guidelines as these supersede our normal protocol and items such as opening times, admission prices and availability have been changed to accommodate the current situation.

We regularly get asked important questions our indoor children’s soft play areas. Therefore we have listed the most frequently asked questions below. If you have a query and it is not covered below, then please do not hesitate to contact us – one of our friendly, helpful staff will be happy to help.

General FAQs

What are our opening times?
Our opening times are as follows:

Weekdays: 9.30am – 12.15pm | 12.30pm – 3pm | 3.30pm – 5.30pm
Weekends: 10am - 12pm | 12.30pm - 2.30pm | 3pm – 5pm

Please check our Facebook page/website for updated opening times as from time to time we may close for maintenance.
Is there an age restriction?
Zippy’s Playworld is suitable for 0-10 years, however a height restriction of 4’ 9” applies whereas some 10 year olds may exceed this. Older children are welcome to help supervise younger siblings, although the overall responsibility lies with the adult/guardian. Children over 12 will be charged at the adult rate if the ratio of adults to children exceeds 2:1.
Who supervises the children?
Parents/guardians must supervise their children at all times. Please inform your older children of the basic rule of play to ensure a comfortable and safe visit for all. Please pay specific attention to ensure older children do not play in the specific baby and toddler areas. These are clearly labelled.
Do you have a behaviour policy?
Yes! Although we totally understand children love to have fun in all sorts of ways we operate the following: Any child who behaves in an aggressive manner or continually breaks the rules of play will be brought to their parents by a member of the Zippy’s Playworld team, who will explain the issue. We operate a 3-strike rule. If a child is brought back to their parents 3 times the family will be asked to leave. This is to ensure the safety of all children. Any abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from Zippy's Playworld. We are here to have fun in a safe environment, please speak to a Duty Manager if you have any further questions.
What are the Rules of Play?
Our rules of play can be viewed under our playtime tab.
Is the centre available for private hire?
Yes! All of our centres offer exclusive hire for the special party. Please note this is only for family/ children’s parties or charity events. We do not offer adult parties. We offer fantastic rates on evening hire. All details can be found on the site party page of our website. Please speak to the Duty Manager for more information.
Do you have lost property?
All belongings left at the club are kept at reception for 1 month after their found date. If the item is valuable, we will keep it in our safe.
Do you offer discounts for groups?
Absolutely! We offer a range of discounts for groups depending upon their size and requirements. Please visit our admission page for more information.
When is the quietest time to visit at the weekend?
To get the most out of your visit why not make it an early start or a teatime visit? 11:00 until 15:30 are the busiest times.
What should my children wear on the equipment?
We recommend children wear long sleeved tops that can tuck in, long trousers and socks.
Is it easy to park?
Yes. There are several spaces to park at the front of the building which are clearly marked and there is a car park at the rear of the building which can be entered via Newry Park. There is also plenty of parking on the road. During busy periods, such as school holidays extra parking can be found within a 5 minute walk from Zippy’s Playworld at the Northgate Arena leisure centre.
What classes do you offer?
We run a weekly toddler activity session. Details can be found on our notice board or on our Facebook page (also linked from our website).
Why can’t an older sibling supervise a younger child without an adult being present?
We have to adhere by requirement imposed upon us from child services, the local EHO and our Public Liability insurers. An adult is classed as a parent or guardian over the age of 18 and the child/children remain their responsibility at all times when in Zippy’s Playworld. This is for the safety and security of their children.
Why can’t we pop out and come back in?
The child/children remain the responsibility of the parents/guardian at all times. If they leave our premises this negates their responsibility. If the parent/guardian wants to leave our premises they will have to take all their children and belongings with them. This is for the safety and security of their children.
Why do adults have to pay if numbers exceed a 2:1 child ratio?
We have put considerable investment into the surroundings to give parents plenty of seating and leisure facilities in a relaxed and pleasant environment. Occasionally large groups of families visit with just the one child. This restricts the seating for other visitors, therefore we have applied a £1 fee for any additional adults that exceed the 2 adults to 1 child ratio. This has also enabled to keep prices lower for families. We believe our pricing is fair when compared to what you would have to pay if taking your child to the cinema, swimming or bowling, all comparable activities parents would do with their children. We do have Annual and 3 monthly memberships available which gives a child and two parents’ unlimited visits throughout the time period of their membership. We also provide magazines, TV and free Wi-Fi.
Can I bring my own food and do you have a picnic area?
Unfortunately not. We have to adhere to strict regulations as laid out by the Health & Safety Executive and we work extremely hard to keep to our 5 stars scores on the doors from environmental health. These regulations are the same stipulated for any restaurant and do not permit members of the public to bring food other than that prepared on the premises. This is with the exception to baby food.
Can my children get out, are they safe?
Customers enter through a controlled magnetic gate entrance and their details are taken and signed in via a computer system. Each customer is signed out upon leaving. CCTV is in full operation and all fire exit doors are alarmed.
Am I allowed to take photos or video footage of my children?
There is no law that prevents you taking images of your own children, but you will have to be mindful of other customers’ children and their privacy.
What time is the last admission?
We allow admission up to the final hour before we close.
How many children can I bring?
The ratio of adults to children is 1 adult to 4 children. This is the recommended ratio to enable the adult to offer the correct duty of care.
Are there any additional costs?
Your child’s admission fee covers their entry and use of all facilities. There may be additional costs for some of the classes and events.
How long can we stay?
The admission prices are for a 2 hour stay at Zippy’s Playworld. There is an extended admission price available for a 4 hour stay at an additional cost of £2 per child. During quieter days, you might not be asked to leave after your 2 hours has expired, but that is strictly at the discretion of the management.
Are you easily accessible from public transport?
Yes. Zippy’s Playworld is just a short walk away from a bus stop which stops just on the edge of Eversley Park on Liverpool Road. The Bache train station is also just a 5 -10 minute walk from Zippy's Playworld.

Membership Guide FAQs

How much is it to join the membership?
A 12-month membership is £95 and a 3-month membership is £35. If two 12 month memberships are purchased, you will receive a 10% discount (This must be for the same family).
What are the benefits of being a member?
You will join the membership like signing your child up for a gym membership. This will give your child 12 months/ 3 months’ free entry at any time into Zippy's Playworld. Last entry must be 1 hour prior to the Centre closing. You can also get 10% off parties and discounts on events (12 month pass holders only).
Can I jump the queue to get in?
No sorry, you will still have to be signed in like any other guest.
I’ve forgotten my card; can I still get free entry?
We ask all members as a condition of your membership that your card must be shown at all times. If you have forgotten your card, we will ask for your membership number and your child’s date of birth and name. If you cannot give your member number, then you will have to pay for entry.
I’ve lost my card can I get a replacement?
Yes, as long as you can ID yourself and your child we will replace your card for a £1 fee.

Birthday Party FAQs

Can I have my party at any time?
We operate different party time slots. Please log onto our website and follow the book a party online to check availability or contact the centre on 01244377229 and we can give you an answer immediately.
What is the duration of the party?
Each party lasts 2 hours. This encompasses 60 minutes of play and 30 minutes of party feast and the remaining 30 minutes can vary depending on the package that you have chosen. Laser Storm parties run separate to our normal parties. Details can be found on the laser storm website Discounted parties also run slightly different, such as the party 100 and tiny tots party. Please see your party package which is listed on our website for full details.
Is there a meeting area when we arrive?
Your party host will take you to a party VIP seating area when you arrive. Parents and close family use this area as a base while the party is in full swing this means the party room/area is kept as clear as possible. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to the start time of your party.
I’m eligible for a 10% discount off my party how does this work?
If you hold a 12 month membership or you have used a 10% voucher we will discount the 10% off the final balance. The 10% does not include your £40 deposit or for any food/ drinks/ extras purchased. Please note to claim a 10% discount you must present your membership or voucher at the time of booking and paying your deposit. Discounts will not be accepted on the day if they have not been pre organised at the time of booking.
What is the role of my party host?
Your party host is the key point of contact for the party. They will help to serve food and drinks in the party room, check signed in children and finalise numbers with you, explaining the routines of your party and be there to answer any questions that you may have. They will set up your party room and organise party games in the disco room (if included in your package). Please note that children remain the responsibility of the party parents at all times, as do all personal belongings. Any children arriving late will be shown to the party seating area to join in.
Do adults pay an admission fee?
We offer 1 FREE Adult per child invitee. We ask for a one to one ratio for all toddler parties and one to four for all other parties. Please note during some of our peak times (mainly weekends) there will not be seating in your party seating area for all your adult guests. There will be additional available seating within the centre.
How many reserved tables are there?
We will reserve enough seating for the parents/ party organiser and close family. On average there is enough seating for up to 8 adults.
How many invites can I have?
We issue invites out for free to all of our parties. We only give the number of invites out for the number of children coming to your party. If you confirm 10 children are coming to your party we will give you 10. If you require extra invites a charge of 10p per invite will be made. You can also print extra invites from our website.
Do I get a refund if children do not attend on the day?
Unfortunately once numbers are confirmed we will charge £4 for any missing children on the day.
I’ve booked a party 100, why do we not get 30 meals if less than 30 children attend?*
The party 100 is set at £100 +VAT per party and we will honour up to 30 meals if 30 children are invited and attend the party. If less than 30 children are present we will cater for the numbers that are signed in. These children’s names must be present on the invite list and extras cannot be added on the evening.
(*Based on children 6 and under the numbers are 20 for older children)
Do I have to pay for children less than 12 months?
Children under 12 months are free but they will not have a seat at the party table, or party food as well as party bags or balloons. If you would like them to be seated at the table with food then they will be charged as normal.
What if the party children and parents forgot socks?
We sell socks at our Centre. You may wish to put a couple of spare pairs in your bag, especially in the summer.
Can I come in 30 minutes before the party?
To maintain a clean environment for your party, we need to allow time to sanitize and reset the area for your party and allow the previous party time to vacate. We appreciate it if you can come in 10 minutes before the party time.
How early can my party guests come in?
Guest need to arrive 5 minutes before the start time. We allow the birthday family to arrive first before receiving their guests.
Can we bring outside food?
Children’s food is included in our party packages and we have a full service cafe and kitchen, which you can order from. Outside food and drinks are not permitted.
What if I have dietary requirements for Children’s Party Menu?
We can change the party menu to suit all dietary requirements. Please ask at the time of booking.
Do you provide food for adults?
We have a range of adult platters ranging from £10.00-13.50 for you to choose from. Please refer to our menu page. We can also have vegetarian alternatives.
Can we order more adult platters on the day itself?
Adult platters and beverages must be pre ordered before the day. During quieter periods we may be able to cater for orders on the day. Please expect a 30 minutes wait for non-pre booked orders.
Can I set up a tab for food and drinks for our guests?
Yes, you will be given a specific number so that each guest can give this in when ordering. All food and drink tabs must be paid for separately on the café till at the end of your party.
Do the party packages include birthday cake?
Birthday cake is only included in our mega themed party packages. For all other packages a cake is not included.
Can we extend the party?
No, we are not able to extend parties, however you may book an extra play slot at reception if you wish to stay (only during quiet periods). We kindly ask you to vacate the party seating area within 20 minutes of your party finishing so that we can set up for our next guests. If you have paid for an extra play session, please find a vacant table in the centre away from the party seating area.
Can I take photographs/film of the party?
Due to the safety of all of our young guests and child protection guidelines, we do not allow any filming of parties to take place unless you have exclusive hire of an area and this has been agreed specifically by Management. Photos are allowed but please bear in mind that you should not photograph any children that are not in your party. The Party Host/Duty Manager will monitor this for the privacy and comfort of all our guests.
Do we allow banners, pictures to be stuck on our walls?
Only if blue tac is used. No cellotape is to be used at anytime! If you wish for extra banners to be put up it is your responsibility to do this, unless a deluxe themed party has been booked.
Can we add additional items to our party bags?
Yes! Just tell your party host and we will pop these into your party bags for you.
Will any part of Zippy’s Playworld be exclusive to our party?
Unless you book an exclusive hire party (available 5pm-7pm any night), only the reserved tables and the party room are exclusive to your party.
Do we allow customers to supply their own helium balloons?
Yes. However, they must be filled with helium before arrival.
Do we allow entertainers?
Yes. They must supply a copy of CRB & insurance certificate (1 week prior to party). We would rather not have entertainers due to the structured time frame of the parties.
Do we allow additional party games?
No. Due to the time frame & structure of the party. We will however take special requests from you and do our utmost to fulfil them.
Can we supply a birthday cake?
Yes. Only standard Birthday Cakes, no ice cream cakes or cakes that need to be refrigerated.
Why do we charge for additional adults?
We charge for adults as we have strict guidelines on our capacity levels within each club. This allows us to provide a safe & comfortable environment for our customers.
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